Gamer Finds His Grandmother’s Game Collection Usually, when we think about collections, what comes to our mind is the vast number of different items. The keyword is different. But this gamer exceeded our expectations with their now-viral post.Reddit user KrisReed shared to r/gaming subreddit an image of his grandmother’s game collection. To our surprise, it wasn’t like an ordinary set of trinkets and gaming cartridges, no! Instead, KrisReed shared that aside from the assorted games and accessories, their grandma seemingly bought 26 copies of one game: Wario Land 4. She also had 13 whopping copies of Mario Pinball Land. “My grandmother's game collection. We're not sure if she knew how to overwrite existing game files.” the Reddit user commented. Another repetitive item in her collection was 19 Game Boy Advance SP handhelds. It’s clear what she liked in the land of video games! As to why their grandma bought Wario Land 4 so many times, KrisReed had no idea. “She also left several tutorials from online websites printed on paper as well as messages for her grandchildren (me) explaining the games. I love her very much and this [memento] was very bittersweet. Maybe it was Wario's love for garlic.”Image credit: u/KrisReed#gaming #collection #games #videogames #cartridges #WarioLand4 #GameBoy
The Best Selling Video Game Consoles in HistoryDespite the advancement of gaming devices, no other console has recorded more sales than Sony’s PlayStation 2. And get this: the iconic console has been discontinued since 2013. Throughout its lifetime, PS2 racked up 157,68 million in global sales. Following closely behind is rival Nintendo’s portable console Nintendo DS with nearly 155 million global lifetime sales.A major factor in PS2’s popularity was its DVD-friendly feature. Remember DVD, the disc that you used to watch movies on? Back in the PS2’s heyday, the console was cheaper than an actual DVD player in many places. PS2 was also one of the first devices to be backward compatible. It allowed gamers to play most of their PS1 games on PS2, eliminating the necessity to buy a whole new set of games as well as retaining the fanbase.Though long hath the king reigned on top, eventually it’ll have to concede. Now, the top contender to possibly take that #1 spot happens to be Nintendo Switch. In early 2022, the console broke the record for fastest 100 million units sold.Check out the full list of the best-selling video game console of all time over at Visual Capitalist.#GamingConsole #Nintendo #PlayStation #PS2 #Sony #NintendoDS #gaming #NintendoSwitchImage: vgchartz.com/Enrique Mendoza Tincopa @datavizadventure
Atari's "Home Pong" Prototype Sold for $270KFor some, this prototype for Atari's "Home Pong" video game system is just old-school stuff. But for game collectors, this prototype from the 1970s is worth a fortune.This Pong system just sold for $270,910 at the RR Auction. If you've ever bought a gaming console and thought that it cost you an arm and a leg, this one costs way much more.But why is the home edition of Pong so valued? The reason is its impact on culture. This video game system brought about the "new era of at-home gaming."Aside from the hardware itself, the auction also included a letter of provenance signed by none other than Allan Alcorn, the creator of Pong. Ain’t that cool?(Image Credit: RR Auctions via UPI)#Gaming #Pong #Atari
Baby's First Gaming Chair Babies now have the chance to start their future gaming careers at such an early age! This chair is just for fun of course.Introducing the Level Up Gaming Chair, a plastic replica of the expensive, bigger leather seats for older gamers. Created by VTech, a long-time producer of kiddie tablets and educational toys, the toy also has slick black armrests and two cut-out sections at the back of the chair. The chair perfectly resembles the current models of gaming chairs. The Level Up Gaming Chair comes with a non-functional headset, so your baby can practice pretending to talk with other players online. In addition, the chair has some interactive electronic parts, such as a light-up keyboard and piano keys. Image credit: VTech#gaming #toys #babies #VTech
GT Sophy the AI Can Beat Some of the World's Best Gamers in Gran TurismoGamers, beware. This warning goes out specifically to Gran Turismo fans and enthusiasts. This new artificial intelligence can now beat even the most skilled players. Meet GT Sophy, an AI that is capable of beating experienced human drivers. Created by Sony’s brand new AI laboratory, the computer is capable of superhuman reactions and creating airtight racing strategies. Sony further elaborates that GT Sophy can master the racing lines of three Gran Turismo Sport tracks down to the millimeter. However, according to Michael Spranger, Sony AI’s chief operating officer, that is not the only thing that lets the AI win in races.  The AI is capable of playing fairly and following the rules of the game. GT Sophy was developed to behave in a way human drivers would. A racing demonstration was held to showcase the capabilities of the AI in real-time. Four GT Sophy bots raced against four Gran Turismo esports competitors — Tomoaki Yamanaka (2021 TGR GT Cup champion), Takuma Miyazono (2020 Nations Cup world champion and 2021 runner-up), Ryota Kokubun (2018 Nations Cup Asia/Oceania Champion), and Shotaro Ryu (runner-up, 2019 Japan National Esports champion, youth division). One of the bots, GT Sophy Rouge led the race and cleared the track 5.8 seconds earlier than Yamanaka. Image credit: Polyphony Digital#gaming #GranTurismo #AI #Sony #eracing
Halo 'Needler' Brought to Life by NerfYou can now relive your best moments in Halo with Nerf’s limited edition Halo Needler blaster!If you’re looking for the perfect gift for a Halo fan or looking for a collectible game-related item, this toy is definitely for you. The company captured the look of the weapon from the game, recreating the blaster’s distinctive design. The Needler fires out darts and can unleash ten darts in a row if its dart drum is fully loaded. While Nerf’s Needler cannot shoot enemies in real life, the toy can light up to mimic how the darts actually launch in-game. Nerf’s Needler comes with a code that can be entered in Halo Infinite to obtain some special in-game content. In addition, the package comes with a display stand for collectors! Check the official listing here. Image credit: Hasbro Pulse#Halo #HaloInfinite #Gaming #Blaster #Toys #NerfGuns #LimitedEdition #Nerf