Atari's "Home Pong" Prototype Sold for $270K

For some, this prototype for Atari's "Home Pong" video game system is just old-school stuff. But for game collectors, this prototype from the 1970s is worth a fortune.

This Pong system just sold for $270,910 at the RR Auction. If you've ever bought a gaming console and thought that it cost you an arm and a leg, this one costs way much more.

But why is the home edition of Pong so valued? The reason is its impact on culture. This video game system brought about the "new era of at-home gaming."

Aside from the hardware itself, the auction also included a letter of provenance signed by none other than Allan Alcorn, the creator of Pong. Ain’t that cool?

(Image Credit: RR Auctions via UPI)

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