Street Fighter Toys: Ryu vs. Ken vs. Chun LiIt's rather common to recreate video game action scenes by animating action figures, but how does one animate non-articulating figures? With lots and lots of motion! Stop-motion animation, that is. And some really fast-paced editing. John Huang and associates made this Street Fighter battle sequence to advertise Fanhome figurines. They don't move, but they kick ass anyway. Especially Chun Li. -via Geeks Are Sexy#Streetfighter #stopmotion #Ryu #Ken #ChunLi #figurine
Hup: The Jump Sound of Shooting GamesWhen a player character in a first-person shooter (FPS) game would jump, the player would hear the character grunt as it does the action. This sound is sometimes known as the "the Hup," and it was first seen (or, in this case, heard) in Id Software's 1996 game Quake. The sound can be heard in the video above.While we now consider the over-the-top jump sound of shooter games iconic, the people behind Quake did not think much about it. It was kind of an afterthought for them. They also deny that the sound they created influenced the games in the genre. However, the FPS games that followed Quake had variations of the Hup. But why? Because the sound was a crucial element in games and FPS games especially needed sound to convey something to players.(Image Credit: Elgu_ / YouTube)#FirstPersonShooter #FPS #SoundEffects #SFX #GameDevelopment
This Furby Xbox Controller Is Unleashed upon the WorldWho is to blame for this unholy abomination?Chad Etzel made it. But he blames Ben Bayliss, who gave him the idea for the Furby-wrapped controller.I say that both of them are to blame, but let the righteous condemnation of the saints fall more heavily upon Etzel, who actually unleased the beast upon the world. He disemboweled a live Furby and wrapped his mewling, pulsing flesh around an Xbox controller. Then, as madness consumed him, Etzel merged the two to function as one. It is neither animal or machine, but a depraved convergence of the two.-via Technabob​#Controllers #Xbox #Furby
The Horde of Skeletons in Video Games, Gathered in One PlaceHow many video games feature skeletons? Maybe all of them! After all, a skeleton is a familiar icon to represent death, therefore the underworld, and therefore all things evil. Or at least all things scary. And in video games, they just plain look cool. The Twitter account Skeletons in Video Games aims to feature them all eventually.
You'll Fall for the Look of Tiny Elden RingElden Ring is not a cute game. It is a massive, frightening RPG full of medieval monsters and spirits that are trying to thwart your mission to restore order to a world gone mad. But in the hands of digital artist/video editor Flurdeh, the Lands Between becomes adorable. Flurdeh altered his in-game photography to make the movements look like a stop-motion animation, and filtered it to give it a tilt-shift look that makes even the most ferocious monsters look like miniatures. Flurdeh has an entire collection of animations that give various game worlds the same treatment. It's like watching a piece of art. Read how he does it at Kotaku. -via Metafilter#animation #EldenRing #tiltshift #stopmotion
A Competition for In-Game PhotographyThe London Games Festival was held this past weekend. One of the events of the festival was the Virtual Photo Challenge, which is a photography contest like no other. Contestants took a screenshot of the best visual image they can find in a video game. The winner was Joe Meizies for the screenshot above from Red Dead Redemption 2. The contest certainly was looking for nice aesthetics, but also for skills that aren't part of most photography competitions.​Perhaps controversially, entrants were allowed to use post-production techniques after taking the screenshot. However, that could be argued as being as much of a skill as finding the image in-game (and adjusting game camera settings) in the first place.You can see the finalists from the Virtual Photo Challenge in this gallery, or take a peek at some of them below.#screenshot #competition #RedDeadRedemption2 #computergames