A First Look at The Super Mario Bros. MovieToday, Wikipedia changed the entry title on this film from Untitled Mario film to The Super Mario Bros. Movie. Its first trailer debuted at New York Comic Con and then immediately went to YouTube. The highly anticipated CGI feature film casts Chris Pratt as the voice of Mario, Charlie Day as Luigi, and Jack Black as Bowser. Other celebrity voices include Anya Taylor-Joy, Keegan-Michael Key, Seth Rogen, Fred Armisen, and Kevin Michael Richardson. You already know the plot. The initial reaction to the trailer is that the visuals are gorgeous, and Jack Black is liable to steal the show as Bowser, while Chris Pratt doesn't bring anything to the Mario role. While the trailer doesn't specify a release date, The Super Mario Bros. Movie will open in the US on April 7, 2023, and on April 28 in Japan. -via Geeks Are Sexy#Mario #TheSuperMariosBrosMovie #trailer
If The Legend of Zelda Were a Live-Action Netflix SeriesIf you were a producer with an unlimited budget, and you had the opportunity to make a live-action version of The Legend of Zelda as a Netflix series, who would you cast? We know the characters, and we can fantasize about who would do them justice. Digital artist Dan Leveille made his selections, then used artificial intelligence to help bring them to life!
Bob (Ross) of WarWhat I look for in cosplay is clever mashups and creative takes on pre-existing characters. When the concept is a pun, then I add bonus points for humor. In this case, redditor /u/bradlyb623 gets a A+. This is his costume for DragonCon in Atlanta in early September 2022.The late Bob Ross from the PBS television series The Joy of Painting was the epitome of mellowness. He exuded calm everywhere he went—even through the airwaves. Kratos, the main character in the God of War video games series, is, shall we say, a bit more in touch with his anger.#GodOfWar #cosplay #BobRoss
Lies of P is a Pinocchio Video GameOver at Pop Culturista, we've been following the three, count em, three 2022 movies based on the story Pinocchio. A fourth Pinocchio has entered the game, literally, in the game Lies of P. The trailer above was unveiled at Tuesday’s Gamescom Opening Night Live. In this Bloodborne-stylegame, you play as Pinocchio, and you'll have to tell lies to advance, but it's all for the greater good and your goal is to become a real boy. This all makes sense, and is in line with the original story, but the difference here is that Pinocchio is not so much a boy but a hot young teenager. ​
TwitchCon - The Event And Why It's Trending on TwitterIf you have been browsing Twitter, you may have seen TwitchCon on the trending page.
What Is Google #GetTheMessage?While you were searching for more video game news, you may have spotted something below the search bar. Underneath millions of Googles happening today, there is a message (advertisement? PSA?) telling us: "Help make texting better between iPhone and Android. #GetTheMessage".