Geeking Out on Elden Ring: Shadow Of The ErdtreeThe much-anticipated game Elden Ring: Shadow Of The Erdtree dropped today, and early adopters may be busy for a while. But some folks get the game just a bit early, because the publicity value of a little help along the way is worth its weight in gold. The authors at Kotaku came up for air long enough to share what they've learned about the game to answer your questions. Justin Clark tells us 9 Things I Wish I Knew Before Starting Elden Ring: Shadow Of The Erdtree. Getting down to the nitty-gritty, he also has How To Defeat Divine Beast Dancing Lion.​Have you been spending too much time playing hide and seek? Billy Givens has Where To Find Elden Ring: Shadows Of The Erdtree's Milady, Where To Find the Curseblade Meera Spirit Ash, Where To Find the Star-Lined Sword, Where To Find the Anvil Hammer, Where To Find the Black Steel Greathammer, and Where To Find the Smithscript Dagger. Don't click those links until you are stuck! There's more pleasure in finding those things on your own, but if you've already tried, there is also pleasure in wielding those weapons. 
The First Nintendo Ad Aired in America Has Been FoundThis commercial ad from 1980 was lost for a long time, then game historian and Nintendo expert Chris Kohler found it offered on eBay in 16mm film. The Video Game History Foundation worked with Movette Film Transfer to restore the color of the degraded copy in order to preserve it for posterity -and to show it to you. The quality of the restoration belies the 45-year-old aesthetic of the time, when a handheld video game device was promoted as a quick break from our busy lifestyle of playing real sports. This is believed to be the first Nintendo ad aired outside of Japan. But is it really Nintendo? The product appears to be the Game & Watch device from Nintendo, but it's called Time Out by Mego! That takes some explanation, but it's not a knockoff, the company behind it was indeed Nintendo. Read the story of the early days of Nintendo of America and the process of restoring the commercial at the Video Game History Foundation.
A Real Job Inside a Video Game PlatformIKEA is opening a store inside Roblox. The virtual store called The Co-Worker Game will open on June 24, which is only ten days away, and they are still looking for professional employees. Yes, the store will be manned by virtual employees, but the job still requires real people to manage those avatars. The ten paid employees will help manage IKEA employees who are playing the game in real time, and you'll be dealing with real IKEA tasks, like showing customers the furniture they need and serving meatballs. If you have sworn to never work in retail, you might rethink that vow if you can do it from your home keyboard, sitting down. The positions are fully remote, but you must live in the UK or Ireland, and you must be over 18. The pay is hourly, at £13.15, or €14.80. You can apply for one of the ten positions through the IKEA website, but applications must be in by Sunday. How long will the job last? That's still up in the air, since we don't know how successful The Co-Worker Game will be. But an opportunity like this doesn't come along often. -via Metafilter​
Vampire Therapist Addresses the Reality and Trauma of the UndeadIf you wanted to come up with a new concept for a video game, you might throw all the current favorite things and buzzwords into a hat and pull two out. They may have been the inspiration behind the new game Vampire Therapist. That does NOT mean it's a bad idea. You will be playing as Sam, a cowboy vampire who is learning to be a therapist in order to help other vampires manage their problems brought on by hundreds of years of trauma plus the stress of immortality. In an interview with game developer Cyrus Nemati of Little Bat Games, we find that he was influenced by both Mel Brooks and the Twilight saga, among other vampire stories, in designing the game. While some serious psychological questions are dealt with, the humor is never far from the surface. Vampire Therapist is scheduled to be released on July 18. -via Metafilter​
Who Can Save the Mushroom Kingdom from Bomber Bill?Bomber Bill unleashed all kinds of destruction in The Super Mario Bros. Movie. But can a crossover franchise save Mario, Princess Peach, and their friends? Superman can! Or can he? The Man of Steel is unbeatable in comic books, but how does he fare in a video game? McSuperfly put together a mashup that must have taken quite a bit of effort. It gets rather suspenseful until you come to the end, when a surprise guest delivers the punch line that made this whole adventure necessary. You'll groan, but you'll also laugh. -via Geeks Are Sexy​
Ace Ventura in the World of Grand Theft AutoAce Ventura is a private detective who specializes in finding stolen animals. That really was just a handle to hang Jim Carrey's craziness on, and it could have been about anything at all. That craziness is turned up to eleven when Ventura is dropped into the world of GTA 5. Pop culture editor eli_handle_b․wav used footage from the movies Ace Ventura: Pet Detective and Ace Ventura: When Nature Calls, plus a surprise appearance from another Jim Carrey character in the middle playing a villain. The video game characters seem to take the insanity in stride, as if they see this kind of thing every day. Which I guess they do, considering the nature of the Grand Theft Auto. -via Digg​