Elden Ring‘s Shadow of the Erdtree's Gorgeous But Confusing TrailerElden Ring‘s Shadow of the Erdtree will be released on June 21st. The universe is that of Elden Ring, but it's a new map for a new land and a new story. If the graphics are anything like this, I could easily be distracted from gameplay. But it doesn't tell us much about the game itself. The trailer doesn't give much of the story away, and may leave you puzzled. It looks like an origin story for Miquella, a character we've heard about but have never seen. The figure at the beginning is believed to be Marika, but who knows how true that is. Matthew Byrd at Den of Geek goes over his best guess as to what's happening, with alternate possibilities and an assurance that he really doesn't know for sure. All will be revealed when Elden Ring‘s Shadow of the Erdtree lands on June 21st.
Gordon Ramsey Cooks in the World of MinecraftThe thing about Minecraft is that it can be anything from a simple world building exercise to a grand adventure to a recreation of everyday life (although we hope a slightly more exciting everyday life). What happens when you drop pop culture chef Gordon Ramsey into this world? Well, he does what he always does- procures the finest ingredients to produce a great-tasting dinner. It doesn't matter that these ingredients are fictional -and pixilated, besides. Ramsey does what he does with what he has. He finds the juiciest apple in Minecraft, visits a specialty potato farmer/scientist, and then it's down into the mines for some raw pixilated food that he can't identify, but eats anyway. Anyone for some cubic potato-apple soup? I don't think the natives appreciated his efforts. -via reddit​
Make Your Best Deal at SoulStopThere are certain entities out there who will profit mightily by convincing you that you are worthless. In this story, one such entity you may be familiar with goes by the pseudonym SoulStop.
Winning Super Mario With the Lowest ScoreSure, you sit down at a video game with the goal of winning, but when you play long enough, you start to consider other, more contrary goals. It becomes clear that in Super Mario Bros., the end goal of saving the princess is completely separate from scoring a lot of points. You can be proud of doing both, but is it possible to win the game and score no points at all? No, because you get points for completing levels. The lowest possible score you can make and still rescue the princess is 500. YouTuber NotEntirelySure showed us how it can be done some years ago, as he rescued the princess without collecting any coins, fighting any enemies, or eating anything that would gain him points. You could call it the most pointless run ever, but it took a lot of practice and got him five million views. Now, let's see you do all 32 levels and not collect any coins! -via Kottke
So, What Do You Think of Hades II?The much-anticipated Hades II is still in development, but is available in an early access version from Steam and the Epic Games Store. The authors at Kotaku have reviewed the early access version and declared Hades II "exactly what it should be, and then some." But wait, there's more! Before you jump in on this game (and it is for adults only), read up on 9 Things To Know Before Starting Hades 2. If you can put off your purchase for a little longer, you might also benefit from The Best Cauldron Incantations To Unlock First, and Essential Settings To Tweak, and How To Get Fate Fabric. You have to wonder whether Kotaku's staff has eaten or even come up for air over the last two days. But if you want to wait for the official game release, which may be next year, you'll still want to see 18 Hades 2 Character Portraits That Are Hot As Hell. There is no full nudity, but Aphrodite gets mighty close. I did mention this was a game for adults, right?
The Joy of Fallout Power Armor UpgradesThis video contains NSFW language. In the game Fallout, it's not whether you win or lose, or even if you survive. And it's not like the TV show, either. It's really all about the power armor upgrades and how you can impress other players. The choices are vast, and the results can be ultra ridiculous. Look at me! Look at me! Watch this game of one-upmanship from Dorkly and get some insight into the real point of online gaming. -via Geeks Are Sexy