Is This Game Real? Its Own Moderators Aren’t Even SureThe Day Before is a survival MMO that is set to release on Steam, well… someday, perhaps. The game’s developers, Fntastic, said that it will be delayed by nine months because somebody else trademarked its name. Hell, even the gameplay trailer that was promised a long time ago was still on the way due to this legal issue.While legal disputes are understandable, some gamers, including the game’s moderators on a dedicated discord server, are now doubtful on whether or not it will ever be released. Twitter user “Wholf,” the lead moderator of the server, has revealed that he’s not sure if it will be released at all. "Those who wonder if the game is real, I'm wondering the same thing right now,” they wrote on the server. The studio, however, reached out to reassure players and its discord moderators through a statement posted on Twitter. Fntastic shared that they only need to consult with lawyers before they can publish the MMO. Image credit: Mytona
Major Video Game Publishers Prove That Big AAA Games Have Never Been This Bad Gamers, we’re tired of bad-quality ports and actual new titles that are so bad or low-quality, right? Look at Pokemon: Scarlet and Pokemon: Violet, the newest iteration in the franchise that seemed to have a good concept, but the execution was so bad.Players steer away or roast the game to no end online because of the endless glitches and bugs they’ve found. We’re not even gonna talk about the graphics that looked half-baked. Note that this was a $60 game, too. That’s expensive. However, there’s also another issue: the lack of new and creative games from big publishing studios. We wait for five years or longer for Western companies to release the same old game they’ve been known for, just under a different coat of paint.Some raise their concerns about other companies, such as Microsoft and Ubisoft, as they started to lay off thousands of workers just because their profit was less than the previous year. They aren’t in financial trouble or suffering losses too. They were just that bad, or at least, those who made the heartless decision. Ubisoft is now in hot water with their decisions these past few years. Some point out how they keep releasing games that look and feel the same for a long time. With their list of planned 2023 releases being leaked, the Internet pointed out that the majority of the titles are mobile games and live service garbage. No one has seen Ubisoft focus on releasing good original games unless it’s another Assassin’s Creed. Developers are aware that their current games are not what the demographic wants. But it’s not up to them, unfortunately. Their executives clearly believe that the "right decision" is to release copies of their one successful game until it’s run to the ground. We all know it's a bad take on their end. Image credit: Ubisoft #games #videogames #development #publishers #studios 
Celebrate 25 Years Of Resident Evil With This Pricey Drink CollectionWell, is it a celebration without some fancy beverage? Apparently not!Capcom has teamed up with GameFlavor, a food and beverage company that specializes in creating themed products for different releases such as Animal Crossing, and now, Resident Evil. While this release is late for the franchise’s 25th anniversary (which was way back in 2021), it’s still a tasty treat for fans! GameFlavor will be releasing a collector’s box filled with collectible drink cans. The products were designed after the first-aid sprays and herbs of games. Each can in the box contains around 330ml of cucumber and lime-mint flavored liquid. Aside from the beverages, fans can also find one spray cap inspired by the first game in the series, four ink ribbons that contain herbs inspired by the game, as well as four non-alcoholic Resident Evil-based cocktails, a certificate of authenticity, and an art book.If you want to get your hands on one, heads up! You can preorder one for the price of $214, ahead of its release in the third quarter of 2023. According to GameFlavor, stock will be limited as they will only be creating 4,350 copies of the box. Image credit: GameFlavor
Gamecube-Style Switch Controller The Nintendo Switch, while home to different good games over the years, also had its fair share of performance issues. From the hardware not capable of handling some games to the very prominent issue of joy-con drifting, multiple companies had tried their hand at providing players with third-party solutions for this problem.One of them is NYXI, which has jumped the waters of developing retro-styled Switch controllers. If you’re familiar with Gulikit and 8BitDo, then you have a fair idea of what we’re talking about (aside from seeing the photo we’ve included above). The NYXI Wizard Wireless Joy-Pad is pretty and reminds us of the Gamecube era, sure. But what we like about it is the drift-free Hall effect sensors included in them. These sensors use magnets to solve the issue of stick drift in older consoles (eg. Sega Saturn 3D). Its application in NYXI’s newest controllers means that they will not be prone to wear and tear plaguing the Switch joy-cons in the market. Not only will you get to equip some cool-looking joycons for your Switch, but you will also get to have more durable hardware for gaming! Learn more about the Joy-Pad here.Image credit: NYXI#controllers #JoyCons #NintendoSwitch #thirdparty #joystickdrift #Gamecube #NYXI
Gamer Finds His Grandmother’s Game Collection Usually, when we think about collections, what comes to our mind is the vast number of different items. The keyword is different. But this gamer exceeded our expectations with their now-viral post.Reddit user KrisReed shared to r/gaming subreddit an image of his grandmother’s game collection. To our surprise, it wasn’t like an ordinary set of trinkets and gaming cartridges, no! Instead, KrisReed shared that aside from the assorted games and accessories, their grandma seemingly bought 26 copies of one game: Wario Land 4. She also had 13 whopping copies of Mario Pinball Land. “My grandmother's game collection. We're not sure if she knew how to overwrite existing game files.” the Reddit user commented. Another repetitive item in her collection was 19 Game Boy Advance SP handhelds. It’s clear what she liked in the land of video games! As to why their grandma bought Wario Land 4 so many times, KrisReed had no idea. “She also left several tutorials from online websites printed on paper as well as messages for her grandchildren (me) explaining the games. I love her very much and this [memento] was very bittersweet. Maybe it was Wario's love for garlic.”Image credit: u/KrisReed#gaming #collection #games #videogames #cartridges #WarioLand4 #GameBoy
Forgotten Bad Video Game Movie Adaptations Withthe rise of video game movie adaptations, it's natural that we get a stinker or two (or many, many more than two). It's time to shine a light on movies where Hollywood failed at adapting the source material for the big screen. While moviemakers did great with Sonic The Hedgehog (after a big backlash for the main character's, ahem, teeth design) and Pokemon: Detective Pikachu, there were times that they completely missed the mark. Some movie adaptations are so bad that they made us think that the producers simply took the names of the original games and added them into different movies altogether. In some of the worst cases, moviemakers never took their target audience seriously. Take, for example, the 2009 adaptation Tekken. It was clear that the filmmakers didn’t know what to do with the original game.Tekken the movie wanted to recreate the charm of 1995's Mortal Kombat but forgot pretty much everything about the original video game. What's worse was that the producers actually banned the director of the video game from consulting during the production. Yikes.If you want to learn more about other bad video game adaptations, check out Flickering Myth’s full list here!