Halo 'Needler' Brought to Life by Nerf

You can now relive your best moments in Halo with Nerf’s limited edition Halo Needler blaster! 

If you’re looking for the perfect gift for a Halo fan or looking for a collectible game-related item, this toy is definitely for you. The company captured the look of the weapon from the game, recreating the blaster’s distinctive design. The Needler fires out darts and can unleash ten darts in a row if its dart drum is fully loaded. While Nerf’s Needler cannot shoot enemies in real life, the toy can light up to mimic how the darts actually launch in-game. 

Nerf’s Needler comes with a code that can be entered in Halo Infinite to obtain some special in-game content. In addition, the package comes with a display stand for collectors! Check the official listing here. 

Image credit: Hasbro Pulse

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