Street Fighter Characters Turned into Photorealistic 'Real Humans' by Google AI

Capcom’s leading man Ryu as well as the rest of the Street Fighter bunch have been featured in different games and platforms across their career as iconic video game characters. Ryu himself has had a long journey from the original 1987’s Street Fighter to being tweaked to fit more recent titles such as Fortnite and Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. But these pale in comparison to what Google AI has done

Twitter user @Siberian_644 made use of the powerful Google AI to render these iconic characters into the flesh. 

Ryu and Necalli's renderings are looking a bit rough but Ken and Laura's turned out to be pretty decent considering this was done completely by AI. 

Cammy and Balrog's have also turned out okay, with Balrog looking like he drank an entire bottle of anti-aging cream.

In terms of the worst, however, Zangrief and Gill's renderings are looking a bit horrific. 

"Maybe everyone should just stay away from Zangief and Gill right now, they look [like] they're having quite a hard time. Just quietly walk away."

Image: Nintendo Life | @Siberian_644 on Twitter 

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