Playing Video Games 3 Hours per Week Make Young Surgeons Perform 27% Faster and Make 37% Fewer ErrorsA new study suggests that video game play contributes to performance excellence in laparoscopic surgery. Three different video game exercises were performed, and surveys were completed to assess past experience with video games and current level of play, and each subject's level of surgical training, number of laparoscopic cases performed, and number of years in medical practice. Thirty-three residents and attending physicians participated in the research.As a result, the participants who played video games over 3 hours per week recorded 37% fewer errors and 27% faster completion. Current video game players made 32% fewer errors, performed 24% faster, and scored 26% better overall than their non playing colleagues. Regression analysis also indicated that video game skill and past video game experience are significant predictors of demonstrated laparoscopic skills.In conclusion, video game skill does correlate with laparoscopic surgical skills. Despite its bad reputation, video games may in fact be a practical teaching tool to help train surgeons.Image: Sora Khan/Unsplash​#surgery #surgeon #doctor #videogames
Live MIDI Art: Dragon Quest Logo Drawn Live with Piano Keyboard by Musician GLASYSIt sounds good, too!Drawing logos is fun. It can, however, be challenging enough to do with a pencil and paper. So imagine our surprise when we found that someone could draw  them using music! Musician GLASYS created a live MIDI art of the Dragon Quest Logo using a piano keyboard.The artist received some requests to draw a slime from the iconic game series. GLASYS decided to recreate the entire Dragon Quest logo, as slime was too short for a video. Part of the challenge and his creative process was to make the resulting music, from the MIDI art, sound pleasant to the ears. According to the musician, the logo took everything he’s got and required five days of work.#logo #videogames #dragonquest #MIDI #MIDIart #art #music #GLASYS
What 24 Video Game Consoles Would Look Like if They Rendered ThemselvesA sentient console sounds terrifying. Electronics Hub, following the trend of computers redesigning and improving themselves thanks to artificial intelligence, asked Elijah Robertson to illustrate what different consoles would look like if they redesigned themselves. Robertson rendered consoles from Nintendo, Sony, and Xbox within the limits of their color palette, processing power, and hardware.Going through the different illustrations, one can believe that these redesigns were generated by the consoles themselves. The amount of detail Robertson included, such as graphical capabilities makes the concept more believable. I’m not too keen on the sentient game console idea though, because it would probably just learn how to shut down when it's open for too long or longer than recommended. That would ruin hours of gameplay!Image credit: Electronics Hub #sentientcomputers #AI #concept #illustration #videogames #consoles #Nintendo #Sony #XBox
Mortal Kombat Behind-the-Scenes: How Scorpion's Iconic "Get Over Here" Spear Move was FilmedEd Boon, co-creator of the Mortal Kombat game, shared insight into how they developed one of the movements featured in the game. In a Twitter thread, Boon shared a clip of him and his colleagues going over different possible movements that could be coded into a game. The clip, which was titled “Mortal Kombat video shoot,” was taken in 1992, 30 years after the release of the game, and shows how the team brainstormed while filming. According to Boon, some ideas came over them while filming the reference movements for Scorpion, one of the characters in the game. The video shoot is how they created the character’s iconic “Get over here!” spear move. Boon details that they had to consider how fast Scorpion threw the spear, so they kept the animation simple and at a few frames. Image credit: Ed Boon #MortalKombat #videogames #games #development  #EdBoon
Street Fighter Characters Turned into Photorealistic 'Real Humans' by Google AI Capcom’s leading man Ryu as well as the rest of the Street Fighter bunch have been featured in different games and platforms across their career as iconic video game characters. Ryu himself has had a long journey from the original 1987’s Street Fighter to being tweaked to fit more recent titles such as Fortnite and Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. But these pale in comparison to what Google AI has done. Twitter user @Siberian_644 made use of the powerful Google AI to render these iconic characters into the flesh.