Live MIDI Art: Dragon Quest Logo Drawn Live with Piano Keyboard by Musician GLASYSIt sounds good, too!Drawing logos is fun. It can, however, be challenging enough to do with a pencil and paper. So imagine our surprise when we found that someone could draw  them using music! Musician GLASYS created a live MIDI art of the Dragon Quest Logo using a piano keyboard.The artist received some requests to draw a slime from the iconic game series. GLASYS decided to recreate the entire Dragon Quest logo, as slime was too short for a video. Part of the challenge and his creative process was to make the resulting music, from the MIDI art, sound pleasant to the ears. According to the musician, the logo took everything he’s got and required five days of work.#logo #videogames #dragonquest #MIDI #MIDIart #art #music #GLASYS
The Evolution of Nintendo's LogoNintendo has been known for its ellipse-enclosed logo for a long time. The Japanese multinational electronic consumer and video game company has risen to become a well-known household name. Did you know that it took a lot of logo changes before Nintendo made it to their simple but memorable logo?Nintendo started using the familiar (and current) ‘racetrack’ logo only during the early 1980s. Typography and design changes were made before reaching the iconic logo. The company used its company name in kanji for the first seventy-five years of its establishment. After that, they proceeded with varying logos, from an Ace of Spades logo to a roman script on their name for a Western audience, and more font changes until they started to play into a logo of the company’s romanized name with different shapes enclosing it.Image credit: via beforemario#Nintendo #Logo #Typography