Mortal Kombat Hecklers Make Fighting Impossible

Some audiences can never be pleased. You show them the best Mortal Kombat fight of the past 50 years, and they go all Statler and Waldorf on you. Maybe you should throw a chair or something. These trees are harboring some unresolved emotions, like maybe resentment at their inability to walk away like Ents or Groot. They have the lamest of excuses for their behavior: they don't know how to act. That one absolves you of all responsibility. Our hero manages to solve that problem, but some audiences still can't ever be pleased. The latest video from Dorkly is only two minutes long; the rest is promotional.

I also must say that I love how YouTube offers to "translate to English" every time someone leaves a comment that is all slang terms. But then it doesn't translate.

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