Meet the Playdate: A Monochrome Video Game Console With a Crank

The Playdate is a handheld video game console that just went up for preorder this year, but the design might make you think that it released in 1989. 

The hardware has it's quirks, including a crank on the side for potential gameplay mechanics (fishing, maybe?) and a tiny amount of RAM (1/1000 the amount on the Steam Deck at 16 Megabytes). 

The way that games are played on the Playdate is unusual too. According to the website, games are released once each week, with two each "New Game Day". You can still sideload games, though. Developers will probably have fun making games that fit within the limitations of the platform. 

The price may seem steep for a limited console though, at $170 for preorders. But who knows, this may enter a new type of console into the market and allow small developers such as Panic! (the creators of the Playdate) to get into hardware.

Image Credit: Panic!

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