If The Legend of Zelda Were a Live-Action Netflix Series

If you were a producer with an unlimited budget, and you had the opportunity to make a live-action version of The Legend of Zelda as a Netflix series, who would you cast? We know the characters, and we can fantasize about who would do them justice. Digital artist Dan Leveille made his selections, then used artificial intelligence to help bring them to life!

Leveille harnessed the power of the AI programs Midjourney, #dalle, and Tencent ARC, then performed some work of his own with Photoshop to make these characters, played by these actors, just right for the Netflix posters.

If only this was a real production. But you can see a gallery of all the posters featuring Leveille's fantasy casting at Geeks Are Sexy. If you think Tom Holland and Emma Watson are perfect for the lead roles, wait until you see who should play Ganon, the Great Fairy, Malon, Tingle, Urbosa, Saria, Twinrova, and Dampé!

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