Forgotten Bad Video Game Movie Adaptations

With the rise of video game movie adaptations, it's natural that we get a stinker or two (or many, many more than two). It's time to shine a light on movies where Hollywood failed at adapting the source material for the big screen. 

While moviemakers did great with Sonic The Hedgehog (after a big backlash for the main character's, ahem, teeth design) and Pokemon: Detective Pikachu, there were times that they completely missed the mark. 

Some movie adaptations are so bad that they made us think that the producers simply took the names of the original games and added them into different movies altogether. In some of the worst cases, moviemakers never took their target audience seriously. Take, for example, the 2009 adaptation Tekken. It was clear that the filmmakers didn’t know what to do with the original game.

Tekken the movie wanted to recreate the charm of 1995's Mortal Kombat but forgot pretty much everything about the original video game. What's worse was that the producers actually banned the director of the video game from consulting during the production. Yikes.

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