The Video Games Now Being Adapted for TV and Movies

The track record of movies and TV series modeled after video games is pretty dismal so far, but that's not stopping production studios from developing those ideas anyway. After all, video games are huge, and the best have massive fandoms that can be leveraged into a ready-made audience, at least for one view. And if lightning strikes, the adaptation might even be good. Of course, it may take more hard work and imagination than luck, but everyone is keeping their fingers crossed anyway. The number of video games that are in development right now for TV and movies mostly for streaming TV) is enormous. They include big game franchises like Fallout, Minecraft, and Portal, and old classics like Tetris, Space Invaders, and (believe it or not) Pac-Man. There's even a movie in development based on Duke Nukem, the game that was already adapted from a movie from the 1980s. Check out a list of video game adaptations in development and what we know about them at Den of Geek. 

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