This Furby Xbox Controller Is Unleashed upon the WorldWho is to blame for this unholy abomination?Chad Etzel made it. But he blames Ben Bayliss, who gave him the idea for the Furby-wrapped controller.I say that both of them are to blame, but let the righteous condemnation of the saints fall more heavily upon Etzel, who actually unleased the beast upon the world. He disemboweled a live Furby and wrapped his mewling, pulsing flesh around an Xbox controller. Then, as madness consumed him, Etzel merged the two to function as one. It is neither animal or machine, but a depraved convergence of the two.-via Technabob​#Controllers #Xbox #Furby
What 24 Video Game Consoles Would Look Like if They Rendered ThemselvesA sentient console sounds terrifying. Electronics Hub, following the trend of computers redesigning and improving themselves thanks to artificial intelligence, asked Elijah Robertson to illustrate what different consoles would look like if they redesigned themselves. Robertson rendered consoles from Nintendo, Sony, and Xbox within the limits of their color palette, processing power, and hardware.Going through the different illustrations, one can believe that these redesigns were generated by the consoles themselves. The amount of detail Robertson included, such as graphical capabilities makes the concept more believable. I’m not too keen on the sentient game console idea though, because it would probably just learn how to shut down when it's open for too long or longer than recommended. That would ruin hours of gameplay!Image credit: Electronics Hub #sentientcomputers #AI #concept #illustration #videogames #consoles #Nintendo #Sony #XBox
The Xbox Series X is Now a MinifridgeDoes your minifridge not have a replica disk drive? Does it not have a USB drive to charge your devices? Is it not a scale model of the video game console of the holiday season (and the summer, and spring, and fall, and last holiday season)? The Xbox Series X minifridge, available for preorder on 10/19 for $99 dollars at Target, solves all those problems. It holds up to 12 cans, and is 1/5 the price of the real deal. If your a Xbox fan or just need a minifridge, then this can solve your problems, even if it can't play Halo Infinite.#Xbox #refrigerator #minifridge
Xbox Unveils Halo Themed XboxThis year, at Gamescom 2021, we got the Xbox Series X's first of probably many themed consoles available for sale. The Xbox features a grey and black design, and powers on with sounds from the Halo series of games. This console sold out almost everywhere, but keep an eye out, as this console gets more readily available you may see it in stores. What console franchise do you think should get a limited edition?Image credit: Xbox#xbox #console #halo #haloinfinite #limitededition #masterchief #seriesx