The Best Selling Video Game Consoles in HistoryDespite the advancement of gaming devices, no other consoles have recorded more sales than Sony’s PlayStation 2. And get this: the iconic console has been discontinued since 2013. Throughout its lifetime, PS2 racked up 157,68 million in global sales. Following closely behind is rival Nintendo’s portable console Nintendo DS with nearly 155 million global lifetime sales.A major factor in PS2’s popularity was its DVD-friendly feature. Remember DVD, the disc that you used to watch movies on? Back in PS2’s heyday, the console was relatively cheaper than an actual DVD player in many places. PS2 was also one of the first devices to be backward compatible. It allowed gamers to play most of their PS1 games on PS2, eliminating the necessity to buy a whole new set of games as well as retaining the fanbase.Though long hath the king reigned on top, eventually it’ll have to concede. Now, the top contender to possibly take that #1 spot happens to be Nintendo Switch. In early 2022, the console broke the record for fastest 100 million units sold.Checkout the full list of the best-selling video game console of all time over at Visual Capitalist.#GamingConsole #Nintendo #PlayStation #PS2 #Sony #NintendoDS #gaming #NintendoSwitchImage: vgchartz.com/Enrique Mendoza Tincopa @datavizadventure
GT Sophy the AI Can Beat Some of the World's Best Gamers in Gran TurismoGamers, beware. This warning goes out specifically to Gran Turismo fans and enthusiasts. This new artificial intelligence can now beat even the most skilled players. Meet GT Sophy, an AI that is capable of beating experienced human drivers. Created by Sony’s brand new AI laboratory, the computer is capable of superhuman reactions and creating airtight racing strategies. Sony further elaborates that GT Sophy can master the racing lines of three Gran Turismo Sport tracks down to the millimeter. However, according to Michael Spranger, Sony AI’s chief operating officer, that is not the only thing that lets the AI win in races.  The AI is capable of playing fairly and following the rules of the game. GT Sophy was developed to behave in a way human drivers would. A racing demonstration was held to showcase the capabilities of the AI in real-time. Four GT Sophy bots raced against four Gran Turismo esports competitors — Tomoaki Yamanaka (2021 TGR GT Cup champion), Takuma Miyazono (2020 Nations Cup world champion and 2021 runner-up), Ryota Kokubun (2018 Nations Cup Asia/Oceania Champion), and Shotaro Ryu (runner-up, 2019 Japan National Esports champion, youth division). One of the bots, GT Sophy Rouge led the race and cleared the track 5.8 seconds earlier than Yamanaka. Image credit: Polyphony Digital#gaming #GranTurismo #AI #Sony #eracing
What 24 Video Game Consoles Would Look Like if They Rendered ThemselvesA sentient console sounds terrifying. Electronics Hub, following the trend of computers redesigning and improving themselves thanks to artificial intelligence, asked Elijah Robertson to illustrate what different consoles would look like if they redesigned themselves. Robertson rendered consoles from Nintendo, Sony, and Xbox within the limits of their color palette, processing power, and hardware.Going through the different illustrations, one can believe that these redesigns were generated by the consoles themselves. The amount of detail Robertson included, such as graphical capabilities makes the concept more believable. I’m not too keen on the sentient game console idea though, because it would probably just learn how to shut down when it's open for too long or longer than recommended. That would ruin hours of gameplay!Image credit: Electronics Hub #sentientcomputers #AI #concept #illustration #videogames #consoles #Nintendo #Sony #XBox