Major Video Game Publishers Prove That Big AAA Games Have Never Been This Bad Gamers, we’re tired of bad-quality ports and actual new titles that are so bad or low-quality, right? Look at Pokemon: Scarlet and Pokemon: Violet, the newest iteration in the franchise that seemed to have a good concept, but the execution was so bad.Players steer away or roast the game to no end online because of the endless glitches and bugs they’ve found. We’re not even gonna talk about the graphics that looked half-baked. Note that this was a $60 game, too. That’s expensive. However, there’s also another issue: the lack of new and creative games from big publishing studios. We wait for five years or longer for Western companies to release the same old game they’ve been known for, just under a different coat of paint.Some raise their concerns about other companies, such as Microsoft and Ubisoft, as they started to lay off thousands of workers just because their profit was less than the previous year. They aren’t in financial trouble or suffering losses too. They were just that bad, or at least, those who made the heartless decision. Ubisoft is now in hot water with their decisions these past few years. Some point out how they keep releasing games that look and feel the same for a long time. With their list of planned 2023 releases being leaked, the Internet pointed out that the majority of the titles are mobile games and live service garbage. No one has seen Ubisoft focus on releasing good original games unless it’s another Assassin’s Creed. Developers are aware that their current games are not what the demographic wants. But it’s not up to them, unfortunately. Their executives clearly believe that the "right decision" is to release copies of their one successful game until it’s run to the ground. We all know it's a bad take on their end. Image credit: Ubisoft #games #videogames #development #publishers #studios 
Mortal Kombat Behind-the-Scenes: How Scorpion's Iconic "Get Over Here" Spear Move was FilmedEd Boon, co-creator of the Mortal Kombat game, shared insight into how they developed one of the movements featured in the game. In a Twitter thread, Boon shared a clip of him and his colleagues going over different possible movements that could be coded into a game. The clip, which was titled “Mortal Kombat video shoot,” was taken in 1992, 30 years after the release of the game, and shows how the team brainstormed while filming. According to Boon, some ideas came over them while filming the reference movements for Scorpion, one of the characters in the game. The video shoot is how they created the character’s iconic “Get over here!” spear move. Boon details that they had to consider how fast Scorpion threw the spear, so they kept the animation simple and at a few frames. Image credit: Ed Boon #MortalKombat #videogames #games #development  #EdBoon