Super Cool Cosplay: Zibartas as Pharah from Overwatch

ā€‹Pharah is a hero character in the game Overwatch. She is particularly renowned for her futuristic hi-tech armor that can be deployed to fight in any situation. Cosplayer Zibartas went to great length to recreate that sweet armor in real life. The finished product looks just too awesome.

Yeah, I wish I had neighbors like this. How did he do it? Months of research, experimentation, testing, and design work. Danish cosplayer and electronics dude Zibartas went above and beyond for the utmost in accuracy, including 3D scanning his body so he could 3D print parts to fit perfectly. He doesn't mind telling you about it.

It hardly seems possible, but once you know what effort went into it, the costume is way more impressive. See more of Zibartas as Pharah at Instagram.  -via Everlasting Blort ā€‹

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