Would You Be Interested in a 24-hour Dungeons & Dragons Streaming Channel?

Hasbro’s Entertainment One has announced plans for a streaming channel devoted to Dungeons & Dragons! It will be a free ad-supported channel said to be available on multiple platforms, but we don't know yet which platforms. But they say it will launch this summer.

What kind of programming will it have? There is already plenty of Dungeons & Dragons content available to fill a channel, like the 1980s Dungeons & Dragons animated series and classic gameplay from YouTube creators. And they already have three new series planned. Encounter Party will feature celebrities playing the game. Faster, Purple Worm! Kill! Kill! will be an improve comedy series for D&D fans. Heroes’ Feast will be a talk show and cooking competition centered around the recipes in the D&D cookbook. Read more about the Dungeons & Dragons channel at Variety. -via Gizmodo 

(Image credit: Dark Elf Dice

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