Working Wireless Mouse Built From an NES Gamepad

If you’re not really into collecting old consoles, or just have a spare NES gamepad lying around, you could recycle that particular piece and turn it into a working mouse. Inspired by 8BitDo’s N30 Wireless Mouse, which looks like a retro gaming controller, champx created a wireless mouse that resembles the N30 from an NES gamepad. 

The Instructables user shared their creative process on the website, providing an eight-step process with photos of how he built the wireless mouse from scratch. Champx disassembled the gamepad and used the cut-out parts from the controller. In addition, he added new parts that were necessary for a working mouse and created an entirely new casing for the outer shell of the resulting mouse out of a polycarbonate called Makrolon. You can refer to the user’s step-by-step process here.

Image credit: Champx via Instructables

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