Winning Super Mario With the Lowest Score

Sure, you sit down at a video game with the goal of winning, but when you play long enough, you start to consider other, more contrary goals. It becomes clear that in Super Mario Bros., the end goal of saving the princess is completely separate from scoring a lot of points. You can be proud of doing both, but is it possible to win the game and score no points at all? No, because you get points for completing levels. The lowest possible score you can make and still rescue the princess is 500. YouTuber NotEntirelySure showed us how it can be done some years ago, as he rescued the princess without collecting any coins, fighting any enemies, or eating anything that would gain him points. You could call it the most pointless run ever, but it took a lot of practice and got him five million views. Now, let's see you do all 32 levels and not collect any coins! -via Kottke 

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