What Happens to Your Digital Game Account If You Die?

Once upon a time, you went to a store and bought a game cartridge, and you then owned that game. You could do what you wanted with it, including selling it or giving it away. But now it's much more common to download a game digitally and store it on your online Steam account. So what happens to your games on Steam when you die? Support directives from Steam state that you cannot give your account away. You can't sell it. And that means that you can't leave those games to someone in your will. ā€‹

But does that hold any legal power? Redditor Slawrfp tells us about a federal law in the US that covers digital assets as part of your estate. But then again, it may come down to the question of whether these digitally-downloaded games are actually yours to own or whether they are just "licensed" to you temporarily.

In either case, it would be prudent to write down your Steam account account information and password so your family will have them in the case of your death. Even then, there is some question of whether these digital assets or accounts could ever be transferred from one computer to another. It seems like a question that Steam doesn't want to grapple with, but it will have to sooner or later.

(Image credit: Mike Licht

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