Video Game YouTuber Scott the Woz Gets His Own Monopoly Set

Scott Wozniak, better known as Scott the Woz on YouTube, found success on the platform by making videos about classic video games and video game consoles. Currently, he has over 1.59 million subscribers.

Some weeks ago, Scott tweeted an image of a Monopoly board. This board, however, is unique, as it is a Scott the Woz edition of the game. And, yes, it is officially licensed by Hasbro.

The Monopoly®: Scott the Woz Edition set features player pieces that reference the YouTuber's videos, or the items found on his desk, such as The Internet and You Tape, '08 Stack, Old Phone, and Nostalgia Goggles.

The set was made available at PixelEmpire for only $50. However, being a limited edition item with only 5,000 units, it was quickly sold out. All the profit from the set went to charity.


(Images: PixelEmpire)

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(Image: Scott the Woz/ Twitter)

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