Vampire Therapist Addresses the Reality and Trauma of the Undead

If you wanted to come up with a new concept for a video game, you might throw all the current favorite things and buzzwords into a hat and pull two out. They may have been the inspiration behind the new game Vampire Therapist. That does NOT mean it's a bad idea. You will be playing as Sam, a cowboy vampire who is learning to be a therapist in order to help other vampires manage their problems brought on by hundreds of years of trauma plus the stress of immortality.

In an interview with game developer Cyrus Nemati of Little Bat Games, we find that he was influenced by both Mel Brooks and the Twilight saga, among other vampire stories, in designing the game. While some serious psychological questions are dealt with, the humor is never far from the surface. Vampire Therapist is scheduled to be released on July 18. -via Metafilter ā€‹

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