TwitchCon - The Event And Why It's Trending on Twitter

If you have been browsing Twitter, you may have seen TwitchCon on the trending page. 

Along with TwitchCon, Nickmercs is also trending. But what is TwitchCon anyway? 

If you know anything about livestreaming, you know about Twitch. It is one of the biggest platforms for playing video games, chess, cooking, or just talking to fans from around the globe. It was founded in 2011, and streamers can make money from being a Twitch Affiliate, where you can get money from ads running on streams or directly from fans. 

TwitchCon has two yearly conventions, one in Amsterdam, the other in San Diego (the same convention center as ComicCon). Amsterdam already happened, during a weekend in July. 

ā€‹San Diego is on in October, and is back after being canceled in 2020-21, due to the pandemic. But TwitchCon isn't completely back to normal.  


Twitch is "updating our health measures" and requiring masks indoors, as well as requiring a vaccination or negative COVID test. This has been met with  a mixed response by some of the members of the Twitch community. People who are immunocompromised will surely appreciate the extra safety precautions that Twitch is willing to implement this October, but some people aren't as pleased. Streamers like Nickmercs, a member of a esports team called FaZe Clan, has announced that he will be at his own event, called MFAM. Other streamers canceling their plans to visit the convention will be attending this event which was touted to have no mask/vaccine requirement. 

Even with the controversy, TwitchCon is still hoping to make a big comeback after years gone. With three days of community panels, the expo floor, artist booths, and more, TwitchCon seems to have the ingredients for a great convention. Tickets are expensive, though, starting at $129. You also have to have a Twitch account to go. But many popular streamers and events are happening, so if you love Twitch, you may want to give it a look.  

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