Thumby, The World's Smallest Game Console, is the Size of Your Thumb and Comes Preloaded with Retro Games

TinyCircuits created a game system the size of a thumb. The Open Source hardware company based in Ohio specializes in designing and manufacturing tiny electronics.

Thumby is the world's smallest game console with an operational 4-way D-pad and two gameplay buttons, made of a sturdy plastic case with a bright OLED display and a built-in rechargeable battery and buzzer.

The console comes with five retro grames. By using MicroPython in a web browser, the system is easily programmable to create games. You only need a micro USB cable and a Thumby, of course. The company provides step-by-step game writing tutorials you can follow.

This tiny playable keychain also comes in different colors such as classic light gray, light blue, or magenta.

All Images: TinyCircuits

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