This Survival Strategy Game Combines The Witcher And Frostpunk In One Game

It’s not an actual crossover, though. 

Look, if you’re an aficionado or mad crazy about survival, strategy, or city-building games, then you’re definitely not in drought. We do tend to notice that the setting and gameplay mechanics in these games tend to just be similar to one another. While they all lie in the same genre, different titles can bring something new to the table. Some tend to just be… in a different setting or art style. But this one does not. 

Gord is a game set in a Slavic folklore-inspired setting. The developers of the title combined some elements from the popular open-world fantasy game The Witcher 3 and the society survival game Frostpunk. In Gord, players are tasked with leading a group of tribespeople as they attempt to survive in grim and unforgiving forbidden lands. You will be required to construct and expand settlements and cater to the needs of your people. The new addition is that you’ll have to defend your people from all manner of threats, ala Civilization 6’s barbarian mechanic, but amp it up to eleven. 

Another new addition to this kind of game is Gord’s settler's sanity meter. If your citizen’s sanity is pushed too far, then they can either have a mental breakdown, flee, or get gobbled up by monsters. Head over to Steam to learn more about it, or to add it to your wishlist. 

Image credit: Image credit: Team17

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