This New Zelda Game Shouldn’t Be Possible On The Nintendo Switch

We’ve finally got our hands on a copy, folks. The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom has finally launched on the Nintendo Switch, and dare we say it: it’s good. You can definitely see why it took six years to develop, and it is definitely not a DLC to Breath of the Wild. It stands as its own game. 

We were honestly just expecting Breath of the Wild but a bit different, and yet our expectations were blown out of the water with just how big this game is. No spoilers, of course as some things are better to be discovered on your own. However, we will agree to the consensus that it’s so good that, as game developer Lawrence Young stated on Twitter, it "shouldn't be possible on the Switch".

"The things that Tears of the Kingdom is doing, it just shouldn't be possible on the Switch.” He stated in a TikTok video. “It would be a monumental thing to do on current next-gen consoles, and yet somehow Nintendo has managed to do it on something that amounts to a five-year-old cellphone."

Link’s new abilities as shown in the short marketing release before the game launched, such as Ultrahand, which lets you combine and glue objects together are impressive. Additionally, Recall, a power that allows you to send objects back to where they were by rewinding time, is just insane in terms of coding. Young also notes the game physics on display as players go from one shrine to another, and as they interact with the world. 

"Each one of these systems would have been astounding if it was just it by itself,” he commented. “To have it all happening at the same time and all of it to be interconnecting and working and playing nice with each other while the entire Legend of Zelda game, the normal loop that we experience from Breath of the Wild, is just laying right on top, that doesn't seem possible."

It’s so worth the $70, trust us. 

image credit: Nintendo

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