This Extremely Rare 1982 Anniversary Edition Nintendo Game & Watch Was Sold for Only ¥1,001,000

Rumor has it that only three of this were made, all because Gunpei Yokoi requested this edition in celebration of the 20 million games sold milestone. The illustration was done by Kano-san.

“The drawing of the trio Yokoi-san, Momose-san and Ishida-san was made by Kano-san (designer who had a key role in the G&W team, check Iwata Ask online about G&W). Yokoi-san, of course, was head of Nintendo R&D1 and father of G&W.

Momose-san was head of the company who supplied the metal face plates for G&W to Nintendo. We do not know what Ishida-san's role was, but assume he represents another key partner.”

Image Credit: @beforemario via Twitter

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