They Dared to Rank All the Fallout Games

The TV series Fallout, based on the video game universe, has introduced an awful lot of non-gamer viewers to the postnuclear world depicted in the games. No doubt it has also introduced this world to gamers who never tried Fallout, as well. But that's a lot of video games, and they've been around since the 20th century. If you want to delve into the games of the series, where do you begin?

The Fallout video game series consists of four main series games (Fallout 5 is in development), and seven spinoff games in the same universe. Den of Geek discounted Fallout Pinball because, well, it's a pinball game. They also ignored Fallout Shelter Online, we suppose because they consider it an extension of Fallout Shelter. That leaves nine games to rank, and they did their best to describe what makes each game unique and which ones you would most want to play as a beginner. See the ranking of nine Fallout games from worst to best at Den of Geek.

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