The Weird Stories Behind 29 Genius Video Game Features

The process of developing a hit video game involves so much backstory and so many changes that each one could have an entire book written about it, but no developer has time for that. Your favorite game has such a convoluted story that its beginning are a distant memory even for those most intimately involved, and might even have nothing to do with the process of creating a video game.

The video game world is so rich with trivia that the whole thing will probably never be chronicled properly. But we have a lot of stories about the details that will blow your mind. The character you play every night was inspired by someone, somewhere, and who it really was may surprise you. The feature that impressed you with its cleverness? That started out as a mistake, but it was easier to make it into canon than it was to fix it.

It's not a bug, it's a feature! Well, it started out as a bug, but glitches are often their own inspiration. Some of the most fascinating features of video games are relics from 50 years ago, as developers took inspiration from anything and everything. Discover the stories behind 29 video game features in a pictofacts list at Cracked. 

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