The Super Mario Bros. Theme Honored in the National Recording Registry

The National Recording Registry, an arm of the US National Archives, is adding 25 songs to its collection this year. For the first time ever, a song specifically recorded for a video game will be included among them. That is the Super Mario Bros. Theme, possibly the most-recognized game theme in the world.* The tune is actually titled "Ground Theme" and was composed by Koji Kondo for Nintendo in 1985.

People who have never played any Mario game will recognize the song. It's been recorded and re-recorded in many ways for TV, movies, and for fun. Let's celebrate the song with some of those versions.

The Super Mario Brothers Super Show Intro.

The Super Mario Brothers Super Show Credits.

The new movie cast with Jimmy Fallon and the Roots

From the Mus'Art Youth Wind Orchestra.

Super Mario Bros. on Marimba!

Bandura and Accordion Cover.

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* If you want to argue that the Tetris theme may be more recognizable, that song was not composed for the game, but is an old Russian folk tune called Korobeiniki

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