The Sad Truth About Treasure Piles

"Are we looking at the same thing?" The visuals in a video game sometimes don't quite match up with what you can really play with. Did I saw sometimes? I meant every time! That's a lesson young people learn early when first playing video games featuring a treasure. The visuals show you a deceptively glistening treasure that fills the entire room, like the kind Scrooge McDuck swims through for fun. Yet the actual usable loot you can take with you is rather tiny. At least in a video game, the sense of disappointment is fairly fleeting. It should act as a warning before you buy something you saw on the internet to be shipped overseas and can never return. Those you may pay dearly for.

Viva La Dirt League finds all the video game tropes that crop up in game after game and poke fun of them in their series called Epic NPC Man. It's funny because we've all been through it ourselves. -via Geeks Are Sexy 

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