The Nintendo Switch’s Last Of Us Clone

All for a cheap price. 

The latest Nintendo console has been the home to many blockbuster titles, such as the two entries to the Legend of Zelda series (Breath of the Wild and Tears of the Kingdom), as well as Mario Odyssey– and many more titles. However, it is also a place where players can experience some interesting titles to the point that it will make one ask the company’s standards in approving these games. 

For one title, however, maybe the console needs its own zombie adventure game. Meet The Last Hope - Dead Zone Survival, a third-person action game starring a man named Brian Lee. The Last Hope puts its players into the shoes of the operative after being sent to the future after the government decided to investigate a zombie outbreak. What set off the alarm bells of critics and gamers online is how he is joined by a young girl who totally looks like a ripoff of Ellie from the hit PlayStation game The Last of Us. 

According to the game’s official description on the eShop, The Last Hope has an “immersive atmosphere” that is “enhanced” by “detailed visuals, eerie sound design, and a gripping storyline.” Judging from the looks we’ve got from trailers and game play photos, there are a lot of similarities between The Last of Us and the Switch game, from names, characters, and zombies. 

Image credit: V.G. Games 

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