The Master's Pupil: a Game of Art

The graphics in the new game The Master's Pupil are completely hand-painted. That took 2,000 hours of designer Pat Naoum's life. That's only the beginning of what makes the game different. Naoum had a vision for the game first, then he learned to code in order to make it. Altogether, it took ten years, and the result is breathtaking. The hubris of the game is that it takes place entirely inside the eyeball of painter Claude Monet. The Master's Pupil consists of 12 levels of puzzles to be solved, involving the use of color and style. Mix the wrong colors, and your avatar may die! The levels correspond to the different parts of Monet's life and art. If you read up on the master, you'll have a leg up on playing this beautiful game.

The Master's Pupil is now available for Windows and Mac and for the Nintendo Switch.

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