The Lost Kingdom: An Incredible Minecraft World Built Inside a Block

The Minecraft building community never fails to amaze us with its countless creations and feats of creativity. In a similar vein, Reddit user @Voenixx_ reveals ‘The Lost Kingdom’, an underwater world that is like nothing we’ve ever seen. 

Aside from being an amazing build, it’s also an astonishing piece of art that Minecraft builders create by exporting block data from the game and touching it up using 3D visual effects tools such as Blender. While it isn’t available to download and import to our own Minecraft games, the best we can do is gaze at Voenixx_’s photo and marvel at all its glorious detail. 

Aside from ‘The Lost Kingdom’, Voenixx_ has also created other magnificent builds such as a pirate cove residing inside of a giant skull as well as a recreation of the Drachenburg Castle in Germany.

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