The Best JRPGs Of All Time

Japanese role-playing games (JRPGs) have become such a staple in the gaming industry that almost everyone has played one title from this umbrella. A lot of people adore the weak-to-strong aspect of the narrative in some, while others prefer the anime-style visuals and tropes utilized in these games. We love a lot of them, and if you’re reading through this piece, then we assume that you also love them too!

Or you’re looking for some good JRPGs to kick-start your plunge into this genre. We’re certainly not here to judge. Time Extension’s Lowell Bell lists the best of the best under the umbrella of JRPGs released over the years. From Persona 4 Golden (a favorite of ours) to Final Fantasy VII to Dragon Quest to Pokemon and more– check out the 20 games that Bell recommends you should experience at least once in your life!

Image credit: ATLUS

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