Super Mario Lore: 1-Up Mushrooms Grow from the Bodies of Dead Marios

The name of this blog is Infinite 1-Up. That name, of course, comes from the 1-Up Mushroom in the Super Mario Bros. franchise. If, at great risk, you can acquire one in the game, you gain an extra life.

But where does this life come from? I bet you’ve never asked yourself that, even while consuming these magic mushrooms.

The larger question is: where does life itself come from?

This panel from an obscure 1996 manga suggests that life comes from death. It is a cycle. At some point, your Mario character dies. His corpse decays and from that death comes new life.

Kotaku emphasizes that this manga is not a canonical work. It does not speak to what is true in the Mario universe. But it does speak to an eternal truth.

-via Frank J. Fleming

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