So, What Do You Think of Hades II?

The much-anticipated Hades II is still in development, but is available in an early access version from Steam and the Epic Games Store. The authors at Kotaku have reviewed the early access version and declared Hades II "exactly what it should be, and then some." But wait, there's more!

Before you jump in on this game (and it is for adults only), read up on 9 Things To Know Before Starting Hades 2. If you can put off your purchase for a little longer, you might also benefit from The Best Cauldron Incantations To Unlock First, and Essential Settings To Tweak, and How To Get Fate Fabric. You have to wonder whether Kotaku's staff has eaten or even come up for air over the last two days.

But if you want to wait for the official game release, which may be next year, you'll still want to see 18 Hades 2 Character Portraits That Are Hot As Hell. There is no full nudity, but Aphrodite gets mighty close. I did mention this was a game for adults, right?

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