Nip For Speed is One Bizarre Browser Game

Okay, imagine Toonces the Driving Cat as a big orange with one brain cell and no ethics or self-control. Oh yeah, Toonces didn't have those things, either. But here you are stuck in the passenger seat with a cat who doesn't know how to drive behind the wheel. That's Nip For Speed, a free browser game that doesn't take all that long. But you'll want to play through a couple more times, because the first time you'll laugh, and the second time you'll miss the road signs, and maybe the third time it will all come together. Meanwhile, try not to stress too much over a thoroughly dangerous yet totally implausible situation.

However, the controls are right mouse button and left mouse button. My mouse only has one button, so I got stuck pretty early. If you have a mouse that will do the job, try the game here. If not, enjoy the play-through video above. -via Boing Boing ā€‹

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