Nike's PS5 Shoes Are Up For Sale

The controversial design of the PS5 is recreated in this officially licensed pair of shoes. The shoes are PG5s, named after the pro NBA player Paul George. 

The Nike website's page the shoes proclaims that Paul George is a lifetime PlayStation fan, and that the black, white, and blue colors directly reference the PS5, which has been extremely difficult to find since its launch 9 months ago. 

The PG5 "PlayStation" isn't an impulse purchase at $120, but the collaboration is surely exciting to the growing shoe collecting fanbase. 

Picture Credit: Nike

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The Nike PS5 shoes / Paul George PG5

Bottom sole of the Nike PS5 shoes

Side view of the PG5 shoes

Top view of the shoes

Back view of the Nike PG5 Paul George shoes

Close up of the Nike PS5 Playstation shoes

Notice the #13 - Paul George's Los Angeles Clippers uniform number inscribed in the sole of the shoes

The tongue pad of the Nike shoe displays the Playstation logo and the Paul George logo.

Shoe sole insert featuring the PS5 and Paul George logos.

The item tag features the two logos on a blue basketball court design.

Two choices of shoe laces: black and blue.

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