New Elden Ring DLC Announced

Rise, fellow tarnished, as a new adventure will arrive at Elden Ring! 

The developers of the Game Awards’ Game of the Year for 2022 have just announced on their official Twitter account that a new expansion for the title is now in development. Not a lot of information is revealed, but at least fans know what to call it (unlike Zelda fans who have been teased for years just for Breath of the Wild 2’s title alone). 

The DLC, called Shadow of the Erdtree, also has a teaser image that shows a person looking over the game’s landscape. Fans have theorized that this might be Miquella, the twin of Malenia who was cursed to be forever young. Malenia also swears that he is the most fearsome demi-god of them all— so players might be expecting a tougher boss fight than hers. 

The expansion will be coming to PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and PC.

Image credit: FromSoftware

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