Meet The Number One Boardgame In The World


With a lot of different board games out there, beginners and those who would want to grab something interesting for their next get-together might be overwhelmed with all the choices in the market today. 

Maybe getting the top-rated board game would help you fill the gap in your collection. Alternatively, it may be the next game you and your friends will play on your next hang-out session. Regardless of the reason why you need a new game, meet the top-ranked board game reviewed by critics and fans of tabletop games. 

Brass: Birmingham (or Birmingham for short) is an economic strategy game that lets players build empires during the industrial revolution. Originally published in 2018, the game has taken over the top spot on BoardGameGeek (BGG), a popular reviews aggregator and forum from Gloomhaven (which kept the top spot for five years). 

Birmingham joins Gloomhaven, Twilight Struggle, Agricola, Puerto Rico, Tigris and Euphrates, and Paths of Glory as the only board games to get the top spot since the BGG rankings were made way back in 2007.

Image credit: Gavan Brown via RoosterJuice

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