Hup: The Jump Sound of Shooting Games

When a player character in a first-person shooter (FPS) game would jump, the player would hear the character grunt as it does the action. This sound is sometimes known as the "the Hup," and it was first seen (or, in this case, heard) in Id Software's 1996 game Quake. The sound can be heard in the video above.

While we now consider the over-the-top jump sound of shooter games iconic, the people behind Quake did not think much about it. It was kind of an afterthought for them. They also deny that the sound they created influenced the games in the genre. However, the FPS games that followed Quake had variations of the Hup. But why? Because the sound was a crucial element in games and FPS games especially needed sound to convey something to players.

(Image Credit: Elgu_ / YouTube)

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