Hacker Turned the Fake Portable GameCube Advance Into a Real Console

A Nintendo superfan has turned this 2005 fan-made render of the beloved console into a real device. For years, portable GameCube Advance has simply been an elusive concept that got passed around on the internet. Now, a hardware hacker who goes by the name GingerOfOz has made it a reality.

Not only building his own real GameCube Advance, Ginger also tracked down the original artist behind the 2005 mockup to find out how and why they made it.

The result is a faithful recreation of the legendary rendering, sans a few parts that simply were impossible to fit in a real gadget such as the hinge and the joysticks which he modified for better usability. The device is also fully playable, although the battery only lasts 1.5 hours. 

Ginger has documented the entire process of making his Portable GameCube Advance on a 20-minute Youtube video.

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