Gregorian Monks Sing the Halo Theme

One of our favorite features of the game Halo is the theme music by Martin O'Donnell designed to sound like a Gregorian chant. Game Music Collective gives us the real thing- the Halo theme performed by real Gregorian monks in a medieval chapel! The voices are sublime, and the reverberation is awesome. It's no wonder monks of this order felt the call to sing. 

Takes you back, doesn't it? About 500 years or so... The singers are the Gregorian a cappella group Munx Gregoriana from Finland, consisting of Joonas Pajari, William Häggblom, Tuomas Tenkanen, and Johan Krogius (who contributed vocals, but did not appear in the video). Game Music Collective collaborated to get this video made to celebrate the release of Halo Infinite. If you'd like to hear more, check out a rehearsal session for this performance. 

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