Gamecube-Style Switch Controller

The Nintendo Switch, while home to different good games over the years, also had its fair share of performance issues. From the hardware not capable of handling some games to the very prominent issue of joy-con drifting, multiple companies had tried their hand at providing players with third-party solutions for this problem. 

One of them is NYXI, which has jumped the waters of developing retro-styled Switch controllers. If you’re familiar with Gulikit and 8BitDo, then you have a fair idea of what we’re talking about (aside from seeing the photo we’ve included above). 

The NYXI Wizard Wireless Joy-Pad is pretty and reminds us of the Gamecube era, sure. But what we like about it is the drift-free Hall effect sensors included in them. 

These sensors use magnets to solve the issue of stick drift in older consoles (eg. Sega Saturn 3D). Its application in NYXI’s newest controllers means that they will not be prone to wear and tear plaguing the Switch joy-cons in the market. 

Not only will you get to equip some cool-looking joycons for your Switch, but you will also get to have more durable hardware for gaming! Learn more about the Joy-Pad here.

Image credit: NYXI

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