Frank Reynolds Goes Post-Apocalyptic in The Last of Us

Frank Reynolds, one of the main characters in the sitcom It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia has no filter, and no morals. Played perfectly by Danny DeVito, he cannot exactly be described as a "beloved" character, but he's a fan favorite because he's so ridiculous in his loathsomeness. So it comes as a surprise that mashup master eli_handle_b․wav selected him to live in a video game, namely The Last of Us. Then again, maybe it's the perfect combination. The in-game universe is a depressing dystopia, and Frank lives a depressing dystopian life in IASIP. He fits right in, and even flourishes among the infected zombies because it gives him an opportunity to be violent. Frank gets a real kick out of smashing skulls and making snarky remarks about the other characters. Perfect! -via Born in Space 

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