Controlling a Video Game with Your Mind

How neat would it be to control your video game character just by thinking about the moves you want? Gamer and psychologist @perrikaryal has been working to make it happen. She wears an electroencephalogram (EEG) that detects electrical activity in the brain. Those signals are fed to software that's been trained to interpret those signals and translate them for the game controller. The most time-consuming part of the project was training the software to turn brain signals into the correct movements, which you can read about here. It doesn't take all that much time for people to learn how to use it, as we watch James Raynor with the Great Big Story film crew took a turn with it himself.

The purpose of this technology is not just to allow gamers to give up the few body movements they actually perform, so they can use their hands to eat more Cheetos. This integrated technology could be used to allow people who are totally paralyzed to communicate. It could also make video games and other various computer applications accessible to people with a wide variety of disabilities. And we might learn more about our brains, too. 

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