All That You Want to Know About Final Fantasy VII Rebirth

Final Fantasy VII, despite being part of a series of Final Fantasy games, was fine on its own for 27 years. But on February 29th, Final Fantasy VII Rebirth drops, and fans are getting pretty excited. What do we know about the game? For one thing, it is the second part of a planned three-game trilogy. Let's just assume we won't have to wait so long between the second and third part.

Other than that, there are many improvements that allow for more flexibility in how you play the game. The world is bigger, and moving from one area to another will be easier. You can stay with the main quest or check out various side quests and still not miss a thing. If you play straight through, expect the game to take about 40 hours, but side quests can expand that to around 60 hours.

There's a lot more you can learn from the critics who got a chance to preview Final Fantasy VII Rebirth. Read what they have to say in an extensive article at Kotaku. ā€‹

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