A New Civilization Game Is In Development

We haven’t even finished our second battle in the latest game, too! 

Sid Meier’s Civilization games involve players building an entire country from scratch. Players will fight against each other (or the computer AI) to get any of the first victories in culture, religion, industry, or military. The latest title in the franchise, Civilization 6, just released its new wave of DLC. 

Imagine our surprise when the announcement was made. Civilization 6 has been out for quite a while (way back in 2016). In a very simple Tweet, the official account for the game has announced that the newest installment is now officially in development. No other news has been released so far, such as how much it will be or where can it be played in the future. 

Well, this means we have more time to finish our campaign against Australia, France, and Scythia (we have a hundred more turns to go) before the game releases. 

Image screenshot: Firaxis Games 

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