A Gallery of Firsts from Video Game History

The history of video games is a rich subject. Even though the scope is barely more than 50 years, the innovations are many and the details go deep. You might be surprised to learn that the first video arcade game was not Pong. Oh, it was probably the first one you saw if you were around in the 1970s, but a game called Computer Space preceded it by a year. Pong just proved to be more popular.

What video game was the first to have a female voice? The first video game in a movie? The first handheld video game? The first cheat code? Here's a hint: they are older than you might guess. Den of Geek did the digging, and presents us with 15 firsts in the video game world, featuring a stroll down memory lane for older gamers, and for those younger, a bunch of games you've never heard of that you might want to seek out for the sake of history.

(Image credit:Atari, ASCII Entertainment Software, Inc., Bandai Namco)

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